2000 Honda Accord Ex V6 3.0 help>>>>>>> on 2000 Honda Accord

Hey guys I have a 2000 Honda Accord lx V6 , and i've been having a problem. Some days when i've driven the car around doing errands, I would get back in my car after leaving it for ten min, and try to start my car, then my car would start but the rpm would go down to zero and my car would die. I would have to start it and press the gas right away for a few min until the rpm would stay above zero,then it would run normal

by in Anaheim, CA on February 26, 2009
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ANSWER by , February 26, 2009
It is difficult to properly tell 'online' what is wrong with your Honda, however, it sounds like your idle control motor is not working properly and/or your throttle body may need cleaning. How does your car idle and run when it is cold? How does it idle when you turn on the lights or A/C? This is one way to tell if your idle control motor can respond. Does your Check Engine Light ever come on? This can provide helpful information in terms of what is wrong with your car. Did your current idle problem come about after your EGR valve was replaced? If so, then by all means, take it back to the shop or person who replaced it. A leaking EGR valve or EGR Gasket or wrong EGR Valve or another fault in the EGR system can raise havoc with an idle. By all means have this resolved. Let me know how it goes.
COMMENT by , February 27, 2009
when i turn my car when its cold the rpms go up and down until it get with normal temp.when i turn me lights on or my ac it normal.i had my check engine light on like 2 week ago it was for my EGR VALVE BUT IT WAS REPLACED DO YOU THINK IT MY EGR VALVE
COMMENT by , March 03, 2009
ANSWER by , December 20, 2014
I have same problem and just got the valves work done but it did not fixed the problem, is it the idle control? How did you fixed it?
COMMENT by , January 15, 2015
Google "hot soak" or sell your car. The 2000 accord models of Hondas are the worst in existence. Premature transmission failure, and this dreaded problem.