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2000 Ford Explorer Question: 2000 Ford Explorer - squealing noise

My 2000 Ford Explorer makes a squealing noise as soon as I start the engine. Had my oil changed and said they thought it had something to do with the power steering pulley system. Any thoughts? What can I expect in the way of repair costs? -
Answer 1
Hard to speculate without hearing and seeing the problem first hand. The alignment of the belt and pulleys should not change unless the tensioner fails or the pump is worn allowing the pump shaft to wobble in and out in the pump. HAve the problem checked by a repair shop knowledgeable with Ford products but this problem should be real simple to diagnose by any compliant mechanic. -
Answer 2
It is hard to answer if i haven't actually seen it, but there are a few general rules about a car squealing like this. First of all, it IS a problem with a belt (usually the serpentine belt), something the belt is attached to (i.e. the power steering pump, alternator, tensioner, etc...), or a problem with the belt being simply just too loose. Repair costs: if it is just a belt that is too loose- $5.00. : if it is the power steering pump- $250.00-$500.00 : if it is the is the A/C compressor- $300.00-$500.00 : if it is the tensioner- probably around $75.00 to $100.00 -
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