2000 Audi TT Quattro Transmission rebuilt on 2000 Audi TT Quattro

I fear my 2nd and 3rd gear syncro's are on their way out, I'm going to do a transmission fluid replacement ASAP to see if my gear grinding shift problems are solved. However, just in case-- how much does it cost to rebuild an 2000 Audi tt (quattro, manual trans.) transmission, and where would be some of the best places in the bay area to do this?

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With 12 hours of labor and a $3K transmission you should replace the clutch as well. You'll need about $4,700.00 for everything.
Guys 90% of the time it's the clutch cables. I have a 01 tt 180 hp fwd 5 speed I love it there just tricky.. pull the battery all the way out underneath the battery plate is the two shifter cables that are spring loaded. And they are fussy. You just need to tighten the spring until the clutch feels tight again to push in and out. I mean I heard if this problem I love the car. I bet I can smash the doors off almost any high end car while handling better. So the fussy shift cables are nothing as long as you just fix it and don't listen to the gossip and horror the tranny is out clutch is done 3 4 times now.. I'm sorry to the people that paid this crazy money for the same shifter cables to jam up 2 months later. It's a 15 29 min fix. To tighten the cables you just have to get tricky cut the rubber boot down and get those springs tight. And tou may have to do this 1 or twice. If you don't then of course these companies will take your money and to say it needs 8k in cost to fix when it's free and 15 min.. even if you have never worked on cars you can take a battery out and I promise you you can figure out how to tighten those cable. There 2 of them and you can't miss them. On the down side for those who have never heard this simple trick and continue driving on those tranny and grinding gears away half of you still need a new clutch kit. But if it just happens and the car use to shift great no longer even moving or getting into 12345 r it's will shift smoother than ever and will blow your mind.. I'm sorry to those who had been herded around for ever but always check the cables first. And to bad you didn't get to really enjoy the tt even the older 1.8 fwd drive amazing. And if there not fast enough 1500 bucks a upgraded flashed chipped ecu and full cat back exhaust and a decent intake this car will blow doors off bmws most sport cars and hang with lambos still beating them on a real good day oh yeah and get 25 mpg doing it so it's not to late guys don't give up on the tt yet try that cable and keep up the maintenance like any high end car and you'll have it for ever I have 173k and have never had anything other oil changes wear and tear stuff. And the occasional shifter cable hope it works for 90 percent of you as it did with every ecounter with all types of tts since I've had one
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there's a good chance that you have a broken shift fork, that's more likly to happen than the syncro's going bad. we've seen a few of these over the last couple of years. if that's the case the trans needs to come out and split to replace the fork and related parts, cost is around 1500.00.