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2000 Acura TL Question: 2000 Acura Transmission

2 transmission replaced in March 2004. Transmission just went yesterday at 140K miles. Is it still under warranty? -
Answer 1
I wouldn't think so. Go ask the shop that did the work. -
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The automatic transmission tends to malfunction more often than in similar models. The Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate.
do a 2000 acura TL 3.2 have a hydraulic control unit on the tranmission mine is slipping but there no leaking the trans is full of fluids it take a long time for the car to shift out of first gear ...
Automatic transmission problems are common and these transmissions have high failure rates.  Acura has voluntarily extended the warranty on many of its automatic transmissions, so be sure to c...
My 2002 Acura TL has 96,000 miles on it and recently it seems that the transmission "slips" when accelerating into 2nd gear. Is this a common problem and if so what is happening? My mechanic c...
Having a problem with the transmission disengaging from time to time and on several occasions has actually jumped back into motion with jerk and thumping. Could this be the torque converter?