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1999 Chevrolet Tahoe Question: 1999 Tahoe will start fine, but stalls after choke drops???

It knocks and misses after start, and the throttle does nothing, even by hand at the body, then stall. I also noticed battery light flickering and voltage meter pegged to the right. -
Answer 1
You need to have a mechanic LOOK at this one! We could guess at it but would be moot. -
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Thanks anyway. It seems that the stalling begins after it warms up. So, focusing on the voltage issue, I think its a bad coil and/or alternator....because the "battery light" is now on all the time. I've checked the cap and wires for anything unusual looking (i.e. cracks, frays, burn marks), nothing. Thanks again. -
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Do you at least have DVOM(DIGITAL VOLT OHM METER)? At the battery with truck running you shoud have at least 13.5 to 14.5 volts. Do you? By the way there's no choke. -
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It's fixed. I went out the next morning and the truck was dead, no juice. I pulled the alternator and had it tested and it would barely turn. It sounded like it was locking up, bad bearing, maybe? Replace it and checked voltage, all seems good. Thanks for everybody's help. -
Answer 2
start by dking alt and battery then go from there -