1999 sebring no start no spark on 1998 Chrysler Sebring

Engine has no start, no spark, no fault codes and rpm's raise on crank with scanner using sensor data program. help? How do you toubleshoot the distributor. Is there not a fault code for distributor problems?>

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Here is some info on the distributor which houses the camshaft position sensor (CMP). It also switches the coil on and off to generate spark.
You should be able to see the CMP signal on pin 3. It should be a 5 volt square wave. Ignition coil drive is in #6. That should be easy to see on a meter.
Do you know whether the auto shutdown (ASD) relay is working? That powers the ignition, fuel pump and alternator. Yes, there would be a fault code for a CMP failure, You should also check the coil. If you have signal and ground at the coil and it doesn't spark, it's suspect.
If you're interested in checking the distributor, here are the distributor connector circuits for you:
1. PCM(-)
2. PCM (8-)
3. CMP signal (square wave)
5. BATT(-)
6. Ign Coil Driver
I Have fuel pressure so th ASD relay is working.
The distributor is turning so I guess that why I'm not getting a cam sensor fault code. I have another good distributor. I wanted to br confident that that is the problem because the distributor is in a very difficult place to R & R it. Thanks for your help.