1999 Dodge Ram Van will crank but not start most of the time on 1999 Dodge Ram Van 1500

I have replaced coil, coil and plug wires and crank sensor. Just noticed that when it's not starting the gauges on the dash do not work either and the odometer read no dat.... no codes on the hand held ... any ideas?

poss crank sensor? do you have any codes? this is a common prob when crank senor is bad
I've have replace the crank sensor..... but I've noticed that when it throws the not starting fit the gauges on the dash do not register anything... When the gauges decide to work the van starts right up. So, after replacing the easy to replace ignition parts, which probably needed the up keep, I'm still in the same situation.... and no codes read out on the hand held Actron that I have..... Any ideas will be appreciated....
where did u buy sensor, sometimes the aftermarket sensors don't work very well. try dealer part
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How di you fix Why will no one help what is no bus my van died had crank shaft sens and computer replaced tolk to mechanic had scoped says need new computer can't afford to keep doning this what is wrong with my van so many post same problem but no definitive answers please help