1999 Beetle Water Pump/dead engine on 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

My daughter has a 1999 VW Beetle with about 76,000 miles, we regularly maintain it. 2 years back it had a pink liquid leak. This had something to do with the coolant system and it was repaired at the dealership. The car has had no major problems until last night. The engine light came on. She drove 10 minutes to the next exit and had the car looked at by the only place open. She stayed in a hotel that night so as to wait for the dealership to open in the morning. She attempted to drive the car, but within 2 miles, the engine light came on again, this time accompanied by a terrible noise. The car then died. It was towed to the dealer where it was "pronounced dead on arrival." We are being told the car is totalled. That the engine smelt so bad and that it doesn't take long for a bad water pump, made of plastic, to burn up the engine completely. This all happened between the two different driving experiences in about 10 minutes. Is there nothing we can do with this car?????? I have NEVER heard of a car being totalled in less than 10 minutes, without the involvement of a serious collision. What gives? I have been reading about countless failed water pumps on the internet. Obviously the company is aware. Why didn't they recall these cars and tell people to replace the water pumps with metal ones??????? Is this car REALLY dead?

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any car can be fixed for the right price.i think they told you it was dead because they wanted no part of the problem.i think you should get another estimate on the damage.