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2001 Toyota Solara Question: 1998 Mercury van, 200k miles and want to change timing belt. How much it cost an

How much it cost and can I do it myself? can some one show me? How many miles should I change the timing belt? -
Answer 1
What kind of vehicle are you working on? Well it don't make much diff. Take it to a repair shop and get it fixed is your best bet. Unless you are very auto savvy. Or a mechanic. -
Answer 2
1998 toyota solara van? 4cyl. V6? -
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Really! I Think that is a clue as to what the andwer is. -
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Going from the other post of theirs , I think they are working on a Solara , but again as you said V6 or 4cyl.? .......I updated my profile - does it make sense without being to harsh? -
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Yes it does make sense and not harsh at all, if we get ALL of the RIGHT info. it sure would make for a lot more accurate answer. Also correct make, year, model,engine even what transmission auto./ manual/ 4x4 AWD. Mileage. But that ain't going to happen. I think i will just start asking for that info. before giving any answer. Then at least all of us will have a better chance to get it right. -
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Thanks...........now never mind....... -