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1998 Ford Escort Question: 1998 Ford escort windows and a/c gone at the same time, PLEASE HELP!!

Hello all, I have a problem with my electric windows and a/c (heating fan), they all stopped at the same time one day. I replaced the swith for the windows, but still no go. I have checked the individual fuses under the driver dash, but all seem ok. One day, they all started working again, then that same day they all stopped working. I think it is some other fuse/relay problem, but do not know where to look. Please help... -
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the electrical part of the ignition switch has plastic pins inside that melt and will not engage contacts when switch turns on. no power to windows and blower motor. check switch. -
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Hi, Thank you very much for the quick response... I will take a look this week and let you know how it goes... ____________________________ Hiya, I have checked the switch and when the key is in and turned to 2nd position (without ignition), the 4 contact wires which feed the electric supply on the left hand side, seem to be live and have power to them. Have I made the right test, and if so, the problem still exists. Please can you advise what else I could check? Many thanks... -