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1998 Chrysler Sebring Question: 1998 Chrysler Sebring No Spark.

This is a 2.5 liter V6 engine. It turns almost all the way over with no spark. Distributor was replaced but car sat for a couple of years covered up with no work done to it. My son just got this car from his father. We have tried several crankshaft sensors and replaced plug wires, plugs, ignition module, pcm,etc. Not sure what to do next, should we replace distributor again?? It is getting fuel pressure and fuel pump is functional, no codes in computer -
Answer 1
have it diag and quit throwing parts at it -
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Easier said then done, no codes from computer and the "experienced" licensed guy that had twenty years of Chrysler Experience stole parts off the car and never completed the work, as the car is not driveable we cannot afford to tow it to different places. It's easy to say when you have lots of money, we are just looking for some advice. It has been diagnosed several times by all types of mechanics, and none of them have been able to get it started!! But I appreciate your advice -
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does it have a timing belt and if so is it good -
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Timing belt is fine and working. -
Answer 2
With a test light check for voltage at coil term.One side should have steady light while cranking,while the other should flash the test light. If not check EFI.relay.Do test light test while someone is cranking engine. Good luck. -
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I will have that tested this weekend and report back. -
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