1998 Acura RL. on 1998 Acura RL

1998 Acura RL. Sit for 1 year had to have new key made, changed gas in tank and clean lines. Checked main fuels relay under dash board, it was good. Installed new gas pump in tank. Car gets gas through gas filter to the return line to tank, but when I remove the gas line going to throttle body no gas comes out. Gas pump pumps for 3 to 5 seconds like it is pressured up, and turns off. I'm lost what else would I check to see what is wrong with gas flow, gas filter under hood is good. Still no fire to plugs, and don't know what the deal is with the gas problem.

by in Lawton, OK on October 31, 2013
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 31, 2013
seek a diag by a good mech and eliminate all guess work
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