1997 suburban, k1500, 5.7l. engine has ALWAYS ran great! 2 weeks ago, running on 1997 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

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ruff. Service engine soon light flashing. Ran computer scan, results show code #PO302 and PO157. Replaced plugs and wires. Little better but still ruff and same codes coming up.160,000 miles. Help!!
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This is a misfire on the front cylinder, passenger side. Possible distributor problem,, check spark on that cylinder. Dont worry about any other problems except getting the #2 cylinder working again!! That will most likely take care of that 02 sensor code as well. May need a NEW distributor plus cap and rotor!!
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Do an injector test, sounds like it's time, and pressure regulator while you're there. Just finished a '97, customer changed wires, plugs, cap. Injector test showed #7 injector not working. Just a thought, let us know.
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