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1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Question: 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Start up, Stall and Dieing Problems

Some days more than others the car will take several attempts to start up, i turn the key and everything lights up and stuff but it just wont turn over and start. When i drive the car will sometimes lose pressure in the accelerator pedal and the rpm and mph drop, sometimes the other gauges also. This will lead to the car completely dieing or the RPMs go back up and the accelerator pedal gets pressure again and it will drive. I will like to take it to a mechanic but i Want to have some sort of Idea of the problem so I do not get jerked around. -
Answer 1
With the gauges going screwy while driving and apparent power loss, I would say the place to look would be your alternator. It hasn't completely failed but has started to go and is no longer providing adequate power to operate all systems in the vechicle. -
Comment 1
I had my inspection done two weeks ago and everything was fine, battery and alternator and all -
Comment 2
If that is the case I would suggest you have your mechanic check the BCM module. -
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