1996 Windstar 3.8 L EEC interchangeability with 1996 Taurus 3.8??? on 1996 Ford Windstar

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Would a 1996 Ford Windstar electronic engine control/computer be interchangeable with one from a 1996 Ford Taurus? I'm needing this knowledge because I'm running into issues with my Windstar EEC and I need to run the tune for a Taurus in my highly modified Windstar. Because my engine has much larger PSI injectors than factory stock my Windstar computer (FXL0) isn't allowing for injector pressure / injectors swapped to a larger 40#. My 3.8 L is supercharged and will be pushing 10 to 12 psi of boost, my SCT programmer can't tune my EEC -- so, right now my hand are tied! If anyone can help me out, I'll be all ears! Here's the URL for my Windstar if you question my story and I wouldn't blame anyone for doing so as who in their right mind would do this do this... Thank you very much and here's the URL to my build: If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a line.
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the computer from the sho, i am assuming, has he info your winstar needs.
it may or may not work but you cannot swap pcm. the vin is encripted into the pcm and wont fundtion correctly in another vehicle. you need a new pcm for he sho and programed into the winstar. not sure how that can be sone. you may have to get some software from the aftermarket to make this happen.

Mega Squirt injection, fully tune your ecm from your laptop. Build it any way you want. check it out
I'm getting ready to dump SHO engine into a Windstar lol