1996 T100, V6, no antilock brakes. No front brakes working on 1996 Toyota T100

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New rear shoes, good front pads. I have been thru 5 M/C. Still have no front brakes. Pedal goes almost to floor, then rear brakes engage. No leaks, no air in system when brakes are bled. 207k miles, work truck. Tried little bleed screw on side of rebuilt M/C - no improvement. HELP!
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Clamp, with pinch off tool /vice grips, both front flex hoses that go to each caliper. Check pedal, better now? If so bleed the front brakes it takes a bunch of bleeding may gravity bleed for a while.(bleed, bleed, and bleed some more) keep mast cyl full!
Now, if clamps did not help the pedal, the problem is at the mast. cyl. Did you properly bench the mast cyl?
Most people don't know just how much bleeding needs to be done after installing new parts. After all of this if you still have no front brakes there is a problem at the calipers, pads, mounting something is shifting and releasing pressure. One of these suggestions has to correct the problem, if there are no leaks!
I agree with wetry
I tried all that. Finally gave up on "rebuilt" master cylinders and bought a new Toyota one. Did all the same bench bleeding and then brake bleeding and - lo and behold - it works! Might have hit a load of poorly rebuilt M/C's? Thanks for all the help, guys!
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wetry is the man on this one. good luck
Thanks guys!
Just a thought 'cause it's been so long , but did they put some sort of 'proportioning' valve on these that had a lever/switch hooked to the rear suspension , that would affect the fluid distribution that way at all?? Otherwise (or not) I like wetrys' idea..................
there is a bleeder on the proportioning valve bleed it
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