1996 Sebring Hesitating (Misfiring) & sometimes stalling: on 1996 Chrysler Sebring

1996 Chrysler Sebring LXI 2.5 L - 6 Cylinder VIN = 3C3EL55H1TT259374 Bought car new in Dec 1995, has only 95484 miles… Getting code on Scanner Tool = Acteon ‘AutoScanner Plus’ - CP9580 P1391 = Lost of Camshaft crank Info’ from Scanner Tool; what could cause this problem: 1) Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) 2) Replace Distributor Assembly 3) Replaced Flex Plate (fly wheel)** 4) Repair CKP Sensor Connector 5) Replace Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Parts Replaced (in order): 1) Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) (2 times) --- After 1st (aftermarket) sensor change; hesitation went away for about 1 year… 2) After 2nd (CKP) sensor (Chrysler part); hesitation restarted after driving only a few miles… 3) MAP Sensor & its connector --- At this time I was also getting code ‘P1296’ (No 5V to MAP Sensor) Hesitation restarted after driving about 30 miles (have not gotten this code P1296 since … 4) Fuel pump --- Was recommend to change… Again hesitation started after a few miles…. 5) Distributor (Camshaft Sensor built in) with a new one aftermarket… 6) Sparkplugs & their wires at the same time as the distributor was replaced; with no help… 7) Powertrain Control Module (PCM) – Ran for a few miles then the problems come back very intermittent… Also I have ohm-out wires (harness) from sensors to PCM; moving harness to see if there is an intermittent open, looked OK… Currently: The car seams to hesitate more when: 1) Moving from a slow to a faster speed or going uphill (engine under load) … 2) Also accelerating from a stop… 3) The ‘Check Engine Light’ does not come on all the time when the engine hesitates… 3) When the engine does stalls-out (which is very intermittent) it always restarts with no problems… 4) **I cannot believe the Flex Plate would be the problem… What do you think? Does anyone think it could be the timing Belt?

by in Stewartsville, NJ on June 03, 2013
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ANSWER by , June 03, 2013
Sweep test TPS. Several times! Dont sound like a mechanical part like flywheel or belt. Check vacuum to MAP sens. Codes now?
COMMENT by , June 03, 2013
Thanks for your time & reply. It is currently only getting one code P1391(Lost of Camshaft Crank). Agan this problem is intermittent. A sweep test on the TPS I assume is moving the sensor (accelerator pedal) while measuring the resistance or is it better to measure the voltage without the engine running?