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My 1996 Maxima engine light on.2 codes (#1 is P0100-mass airflow sensor #2 is P0325-Knock sensor.I replaced air filter and fuel filter. I was running for an hour at 70mph and suddenly I felt a jerking motion or kind a hesitation. the more I accelerate the more the jerking. I let go for a moment and it was running fine again. Please help.

by in Rocklin, CA on March 31, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 31, 2009
The airflow meter frequently fails but prior to replacing it I would want to plug in a scantool and look at the air flow values at idle cruise and while driving. Nissans set a code for knock sensors frequently but fix the airflow meter code first erase the codes drive the car and see if the knock sensor code returns. It could set a knock code if the airflow meter was giving problems.
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