1995 Mazda 929 Q&A

1995 Mazda 929 Question: 1995 Mazda 929 will not turn over. Battery good. Starter good.

Seems as if it could be in the ignition switch or an anti-theft issue. Any ideas??? Thanks! -
Answer 1
if you are sure the battery is good then I would check for power at the starter -
Comment 1
Hi, that has been done and there is NO power at the starter. Ignition is showing all (dash lights) but does nothing in the start position. Thanks! -
Comment 2
check you battery cable from the battery going to the starter .did you try and jump the starter to see if it would turn over? -
Comment 3
Yes, starter turns when jumped. -
Comment 4
you either have a broken solenoid wire or a bad ign switch -
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Thanks very much!!! -