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1995 Ford Ranger Question: 1995 Ford Ranger 3.0 only gets to about 155-165 degrees???

I can't get my pickup to get to temp. I have replace thermostat, radiator cap, fan clutch ( it was stuck engaged). I have put it on a scan tool cuz it throws engine codes because it wont allow different system to operate till it's at operating temp. The codes it gives are...PO-0124 & PO-5401. Collaborative is up so I'm not sure where the one code came from. Any ideas. I haven't done a coolant flush. Thought???? -
Answer 1
Gauge and computer agree? -
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They seem to, gauge seems low to me as we'll. when I bought the truck it wouldn't even get above the c on the gauge. -
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Using a 195° stat? -
Comment 3
Yes sir. -
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Try another stat and brand like Stant or one from NAPA. I have had defective new parts before! Thermostat is the only thing that can cause this. -
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I'll give it a try and let you know, thanks. -
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THM 530090 is NAPA #. -
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I'll go snag one right now, thanks. -
Comment 8
1038ST gasket as well. -