1995 dodge 1500 ram van ignition problems on 1995 Dodge Ram Van 1500

Van was driving good. When I stopped for a few minutes, van would not crank again. Starter turns over as is suppose to. Fuel pump is working. Spark off ignition coil is good, but pulses. Spark at spark plug seems weaker. Engine will not ignite and run. Scratching my head because I'm running out of options. Was told it was a bad Crankcase Sensor, so I replaced it. When I replaced the ignition coil, it acted like it wanted to start for just a fraction of a second. But back to nothing.

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How did you fix had sam eerie prob Why will no one help what is no bus my van died had crank shaft sens and computer replaced tolk to mechanic had scoped says need new computer can't afford to keep doning this what is wrong with my van so many post same problem but no definitive answers please help
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If spark is good and hot at coil wire but not at plug wire, replace dist. cap and rotor.
Should be the same both places. That is all it can be!!!