1995 540i Resetting Security Code on 1995 BMW 540i

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I let the battery go dead.I have a 5 digit code written on the manual. But it looks like in the book it takes a 4 digit code
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Radio codes can be retrieved by simply ringing the dealership and quoting the last 7 digits of your chassis number. If the codes fails to unlock the unit, the unit would most likely have been replaced at some point of the car's lifetime. The unit is to be removed, serial number retrieved and quoted at your nearest BMW dealer.

Majority of the units were secured in with 2 small allen head screws underneath plastic tabs on either side, these screws are to be turned anti-clockwise until unit is able to be removed.
Not true. I called 3 different dealers and they all told me to bring the car or just the radio in and for $300-450 they ca fix it.