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1994 Toyota Camry Question: 1994 Camry 2.2Si automatic injection; the car intermittently has a rev limiter?



, Baton Rouge, LA, February 21, 2013, 02:01

Hi I am experiencing intermittent fuel delivery problems, just before 2000RPM, sometimes
1500RPM is the limit but very seldom. The spark is fine throughout the engine “spluttering
/hiccupping“ (The car shakes violently. It will accelerate and decelerate and repeat this cycle as long
as I am on the throttle) so it is fuel delivery but at no specific time cold or hot and it may come or go
whilst driving. Extremely dangerous if you intend pulling off into the road and it strikes.
As it is intermittent and the vehicle may be fine in all respects for a month or more then without warning a 2000RPM limitation, whilst the engine is stuttering, if you maintain the RPM below 2000RPM the engine is smooth, whilst it persists it does it in Park, neutral and drive, when first diagnosed the engine did it in Park & Neutral, I thought it was a design safety feature now not sure.
What is the issue, intermittent fault on a sensor/pickup or ECU, diagnostics didn’t pick up anything.

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    Greg's Orange Auto (15380 Answers) , Orange, CA - (714) 361-9386
    globalhelper February 21, 2013, 09:26

    ck eng codes? sounds like a misfire under load to me , or restricted exh system

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    , February 22, 2013, 02:12

    thanks Greg, neither I'm afraid. the car runs perfectly most of the time, this is an intermittent thing which strikes without warning and no fault codes are present on the diagnostics.

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