1993 toyota tercel starter relay problem? on 1993 Toyota Tercel

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My 1993 Toyota Tercel does not start when key is turned. New battery, all fuses checked and fine. When the doors get opened, hazard lights start blinking for 15 blinks, then pause, then 15 blinks. This continues until doors are closed. A friend discovered a green Toyota starter relay under the dash directly underneath the glove compartment that you can feel clicking when you touch it when the 15 beats of hazard lights goes on.
Any ideas if this may be my problem? Maybe just replacing the starter relay? What does the doors being opened have to do with initiating this blinking?
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If this car has an alarm or theft deterrent installed aftermarket, remove it. I think it sounds like a bad theft deterrent system in action.
You may need a Toyota specialist or an auto electric shop.
Here's a directory link for you:
Thank you for the answer.....this is what another forum discussion said so hopefully my car guy can fix it.