1993 Ford Taurus Running At High RPMs on 1993 Ford Taurus

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My 1993 Ford Taurus LX is running at very high RPM's. For example when I am driving at 60 MPH it is driving at 3000 RPM's. Typically, when I drive at this speed it sets at 2000 RPM's. I do have my 'drive setting' in overdrive, so it couldn't be this simple problem. It doesn't matter what speed I am driving, the engine is running itself about 1000 RPM's to high. However, when the engine is idoling, it does idols normally, at about 1000 RPM's. Any suggestions? Vaccum leak? Tranmission? Throttle Position Sensor? Any replies would be greatly appreiciated? Thanks! Kellei
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First, idling should be at say...700-800 RPM. 1000 would be too high. 3000 RPM at 60 MPH - I'm thinking your vehicle is either not going into overdrive, or the torque converter has an issue. Concentrate on a transmission diagnosis for the 3000 RPM at 60mph issue.

If you are actually at 1000 RPM at idle, check for vacuum leaks or sticking idle air control valve. The throttle body may need cleaned at this age as well.