1993 3000gt mitshubishi did not pass smog how and what an I do? on 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT

can you please help me?

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The facility that failed you for excessive emissions should have given you a list of repair facilities that can diagnose and repair the problem for you. If they didn’t, go back and ask them for this list.
You are WRONG Herb Ackside, California BAR specifically prohibits a smog "Test-only" facility to recommend or refer a customer to a Repair shop. The customer can look online for any "Test & repair" or "Gold Shield" station for diagnosing and repairing the smog failure.
Thank you for the heads up your mechanic. In Mass we do have to give a list of qualified repair facilities once we fail a vehicle for emmissions related problems. What does a consumer in CA do if they do not have access to the internet?
Oh okay, Herb, usually we give them a website
...or they are on their own to ask friends, neighbors, or just drive around and find one. California is
the pioneer and forerunner in smog inspection (unfortunately) and there should be no problem finding one anywhere you go...just that now the customer has to go to either a "test & repair" or a "gold shield" station. There is NO smog station that will refer you.