1992 toyota tercel won't run right once warmed up on 1992 Toyota Tercel

I took my car to a mechanic he said my distibutor needed replaced "did that" now it's doing the`same thing once warmed up it's dying out and no compression. Help Thank- you

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If your distributor was replaced with a "rebuilt/re manufactured distributor" the quality and quality control varies drastically between good and bad re builders. The distributor, ignition coil, or even fuel pump failure may be the cause for failure, or "dying out" that you are experiencing.
What do you mean by " no compression"? Compression doesn't "go away and then come back" in an engine?
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Do you ever get a Check Engine Light On? This will help because it can give a trouble code which can help with solving your problem. If the car starts fine when cold, I would check the coolant temp sensor. it may be going out of range when it gets warmed up. This is not an uncommon problem with many Toyota models. Also, was the coil replaced with the Distributor? Toyota has had many problems with their coils, especially on their 4 cylinder engines.
it could possibly be a headgasket... distributors don't cause compression problems!!!