1992 mercedes 300E 3.0L. Check engine light on, got codes 14,16,17 Whats wrong? on 1992 Mercedes-Benz 300E

Does anyone know what these codes mean? Help Please!

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The codes are # 14 - Road speed signal at CIS-E control unit; possible loss of speed signal. # 16 - EGR valve. #17 - Oxygen Sensor Signal.
thank you so much... do you know if this is a very expensive fix? and if so how urgent is it?
This would be the point to run scan data; Then diagnose the cause of the fault. The EGR is used to enrich the fuel mixture, and the o2 sensor reads the mixture of the fuel leaving the cylinder. Now it needs to figure if it's running to lean while the enrichment is asked for, or it doesn't know why it's not getting the right signal so it says there is something wrong with both sensors. Could just have a vacuum leak, could have a clogged port from the exhaust. The speed signal problem could cause transmission shifting problems. With only this amount of information, you can see it's not as simple as changing a part and all will be fine. It's just information and the reason for the faults needs to be found. A GOOD TECHNICIAN can help you further, NOT JUST A MECHANIC! By the way I was born and raised in Tulare Ca. Have been here for 30 years.
Really? That's not far at all. Would you happen to be a technician?
I'm in Texas now for 30years. Yes I'm an ASE master tech for many years now, just wanted to share that I'm from that area. Have family still there in your area. Find the locator on this web site that may help you find someone close to you. Thanks
Appreciate your help!
U Bet, Good Day
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