1992 Ford ranger cranks up fine runs untill it gets warm on 1992 Ford Ranger

Truck runs fine gets warm shuts down and won't run untill it cools down got fire from coil and distibator to plugs got power to injectors and got fuel smells like its flooding.pulled plugs wet with fuel

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Check your codes, you have a codes system on this truck called EEC-IV. If you have a bad MAP Sensor or bad coolant sensor, that will foul the plugs. Also, check fuel pressure, it should be about 40 psi. I have seen the fuel pressure regulators wear out and cause flooding as well. Now, you are dead sure that you have spark, at the plugs, when it will not start? I ask this because I have seen a lot of ignition components go on these trucks ( I used to be a Ford DealershipTech ) and when they get hot, they do NOT work. So, more food for thought.
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sound like a bad coil even if it has spark at first it can lose it when its hot..