1991 tercel friend replaced the cv joint on 1991 Toyota Tercel

The new cv joint had a 32 mm nut the old one has a 30 mm
he repalced it it went together fine. Now when he drives there is a low grinding sound. Its not the brakes, could the new shaft be rubbing against something,

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Wrong axle!!! ... That "notched wheel" is for ABS.... this vehicle does not have ABS!! ... Now,.... IF the axle is correct otherwise... can romove axle then the ABS tone ring (notched wheel) just knock it off the cv joint, then reinstall axle ... That is 'IF' axle is CORRECT OTHERWISE!!!... Be sure to torque nut to specs!
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Could be or the bearing could be showing bad now after axle replacement.
the grinding is not continuous, it is an intermittent low grinding, we drove it 2 blacks, the 1st 10 ft it was quit, then the grinding then it disappears, then it gets louder, applying the brakes does not make it better or worse, then friend we rolled down a slope with the engine off, I walked beside the car, there was no sound from outside the car , but when you are inside there it is , the new cv joint shaft has a notched wheel just at the joint , the old one didn't have a notched toothed wheel, could this be rubbing against the brake caliper, we are doing this outside on the street, no hoist, we only have the tire jack, 250-542-5942 Rickster in Vernon
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