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1991 Honda Civic Question: 1991 Honda Ballade DOHC 16V automatic. It has problems changing gears from 1 - 2

any suggestions on what we can try to fix this. We have changed the spark plugs, made a slight difference, but still not changing correctly. Goes up to 4000 rpm in 1st gear, if you slack on the accelerator, it then changes gear, and will change again in the higher gears, but once back to 1st gear - has problems changing to 2nd again. -
Answer 1
Have your ever serviced the transmission, it's just a drain and refill and add some good transmission conditioner. -
Answer 2
I agree w/ professorG , but would add , IF possible use only Honda ATF. Also are you getting any kind of strange 'metallic' whine from it (park or in gear)? -
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No metallic whine. Thanks for the tips - we will try this :-) -