Brakelights wont come but back lights do!! on 1991 Honda Accord

My 1991 accord lx brake light won't just come on!!I tried to replace the bulbs,but nothing happen.Ialso,checked the fuse as well!!The back lighs come on,but no the brakelights!!I would wanna just take it in the shop,but i just don't have the money at this momment.I even change the brakelight that's in the middle.If you can or you might know a little trick or something.I would greatly appreciate it!! myles

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At the brake pedal there is a switch, with two wires, Ignition key on the white/yellow wire should have 12volts (protected by fuse #25 , 20 Amp), green /white brings power to the brake lights bulbs when the pedal is depressed. Put a paper clip across these two wires with the ignition key on, do the brake lights now work if they do the brake light switch is bad. If you do replace the switch it must be adjusted correctly or the brakes will "drag".
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You need to check your brake light switch. If your lucky it may be out of adjustment or the electrical connector came off, but it may also need replacement.