1990 Toyota Tercel Q&A

1990 Toyota Tercel Question: 1990 tercel started smoking and using oil

I am going throught about 1 quart a week.my wife mainly drives around town when i drive it I get on the hiway and run it hard and it smokes alot less -
Answer 1
could be piston rings are weak.how many miles on car? -
Comment 1
about 190,000 -
Answer 2
After a proper diagnostics we can determin if the compression in your engine is still good or not. You may simply have seal leaks and a head job could fix the problem. Or if the compression is low you may need a new engine. When you are driving on the highway, the parts in your engine move faster and the oil tends not to leak out into combustion chamber and burning in exhaust. You are at risk to perminately damaging your catalytic converter at this point. -