1990 s10 4.3 has spark, gas and timing is correct, turns over but it won't start on 1990 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

Gas is good and clean and the two injectors work and fuel comes out when tring to start. All fuses good. It was running fine, parked it and tried to start it two days later. Would not start. I used started fluid, no change. No popping, no backfiring, does not try to hit on any cylinders when cranking.

by in Fort Pierce, FL on December 15, 2012
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ANSWER by , December 16, 2012
Fire to spark plugs is not sufficient, pull coil wire off dist cap insert phillips screwdriver (with a good handle) into wire hold shank 1/2 " away from a metal ground spark should jump this gap with engine cranking, does it? If so do the same thing with a couple of the plug wires. Does the spark look the same? If not replace cap and rotor. If spark at coil is weak replace the coil. You have spark, just not enough of it! Also may have to replace spark plugs drowned with fuel. All of this is based on info. given by your post. I am assuming you have correct compression propper fuel and clear exhaust path.
COMMENT by , December 16, 2012
Yes, I do have good strong spark at the coil and also tested 4 out of 6 thru the plug wires. I also did the coil test in the Haynes repair book. It also showed as good. I also cleaned and check gap on all plugs just to rule them out. I also verified clyinder #1 with correct Dist. rotor position and TDC postion of crankshaft pulley.
COMMENT by , December 16, 2012
IF you have fresh fuel, propper spark, correct compression and a clear exhaust line and the engine is turning over right but wont start i can not help sorry.
ANSWER by , December 17, 2012
Get NEW plugs.Do a compression test on ALL cylinders and if ALL over 110PSI , add a 1/2 teaspoon of oil to each cylinder as you re-check compression-- it should go up a bit with the oil added. IF compression is acceptable , THEN put new plugs into engine and start...........maybe.....sounds like cylinders got washed down with gas and starting fluid. And your fighting a losing battle trying to start an already flooded engine with fouled plugs(clean or not). Good luck ........please reply if this actually works........won't be the first time...
COMMENT by , December 23, 2012
I started over again. Everything still the same. Decided to replace the coil. That fixed the problem. After I had it running for 5-10 minutes I found the heater hose was leaking at the quick connect on the engine. It has been spraying on the coil and must have caused the problem. I just need to take care of the leak now. Thanks to both of my advisors. Both were good suggestions. Again thanks, Cliff.
COMMENT by , January 04, 2013
Thanks for the reply!!........and the 'rest of the story'! Glad to hear it's fixed.