1990 Dodge Dakota 3.9 engine on 1990 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1990 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 Engine it is hard to start but it does finally start.when it gets hot it wont start until it cools down.Heres what i have replaced.The Battery,the coil,the wires and Plugs.the ECU,the Alternator,new Distributor Cap rotary Button.whats next?

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Check for spark and fuel supply. Check the fuel pressure. The fuel pump should run for a second or so when you turn the key to 'ON.'
It's getting fuel.someone told me it could be my starter.
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The most common failure producing the symptoms you have described is the Distributor Pickup Plate. It is located within the distributor and can be change simply by removing the Cap and Rotor and lifted out.
try and advance timing it should help with perform