1990 Cutlass Ciera stops running while driving. on 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 1990 Cutlass Ciera with 49,000 original miles. I am the second owner. I recently had freon put in it at repair shop. The next day, I was able to drive it to and from work but was not able to start it when I tried to leave again later that day. The next day it started and I drove a few miles and the car just stopped while it was in drive. This happened 3 times and I had to get it towed. It started right up but I don't want to drive it. What could cause it to start doing this after being in the shop to have freon added?

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Crank sensor fautly
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I just ran into the same problem, I am looking for an answer as well. I am thinking it is a vacuum hose that sits on top of the intake manifold. Look over the hoses on the very top of the engine. There should be about 4 going into one mount. One of the hoses leads to the front of the engine. If it is squishy or has come off then I think the intake doesn't get the pressure that is required to fuel the combustion chamber.

By the way hose is is only like 5 inches long and has 2 90 degree elbows in it.

Hope this helps. I am replacing the hose tomorrow and hoping it fixes the problem. Cheap 5$ fix. Worth a shot.

Good luck
test your fuel pump pressure, should be 40 to 45 lbs, less will cause these problems