1989 cutlass ciera 2.8ltr running little rough and feels like it wants to stal on 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

firat time it happen i was driving it was driving fine got home park it went back out it crank didnt turn over so i took plugs out clean then try it sgian cranked but would not crank over the i pump the gas peddle still nothing then went inside came back out i cranked it started up but running roughdrove it felt like it was going to stall took it to a garage said need plugs wires and fuel filter so he put it on start it running fine the heading hone it started up agian can feel it running little rough got to a stop light then it stalled it started right back up took it back to the garage he told me to leave it by the way keep in mind the engine light never came on at all he put it on a machine to see it a code comes up nothing is comming up whats wrong with it need more advice ??????????

seek diag and est
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check your resistance on your coils and your crank sensor
found out it was the oxygen sensor