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1990 Nissan Pathfinder Question: 1987 pathfinder key wont turn

i went to start my truck and it has the little black button you have to push to get the key out. the button seems to be stuck but im not sure if it popped out before or just pushed in a bit. the key wont turn at all. we tried turning the wheel, pushing the break, shifting the car out of gear and back, unhooking the battery and all that junk. does anyone have any kind of idea as to what i could do? -
Answer 1
You need to force it out and is gonna brake your cylinder, your going to have to repair that -
Comment 1
how? i have tried to force it to turn but it still wont turn. a guy told me that i need to cut a new key and that should help cause something about a wafer that is stuck in there... im not quite sure what hes talking about. -
Answer 2
The "waffer" he mentioned is also called a tumbler. Try spraying WD40 into the place the key goes into, or graphite power. See if with lubrication the key works any better. If the Pathfinder can be driven to a locksmith perhaps they could help, if not the ignition lock mechanical portion may need to be replaced. -
Answer 3
Try turning the steering wheel to the left and right as you press the button with your thumb as you jiggle and remove the key. The Steering could be locked, maybe? -