1987 300E mb hard to start on 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300E

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I own a 1987 300E mercedes - problem is VERY hard to start in the mornings-will crank and crank then "catch" but die out,then crank and crank then eventually start but very rough-I let it "warm up" for about 15 min and it runs like a champ - no problems at all.Any ideas? Changed the spark plugs,put injector cleaner in the gas,run only premium gas
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Your car has mechanical fuel injection, similar to that used by VW, Volvo, Porsche and other European cars. The system uses a censor to measure engine coolant temperature and uses this input to richen up the fuel mixture (like using a choke on an older car), the system may have a check valve to retain fuel pressure in the line, if fuel leaks back to the tank the system has to prime itself each time you try to start it., it also has a metering head that has a flap measuring air flow into the engine. Someone familiar with Bosch mechanical fuel injection will be best to look at your car.
somebody will for fuel accummalator probably are bad and check pressure regulator make sure working not leaking back to the tank