1986 ford taurus air conditioning on 1990 Ford Taurus

How do I go about evaluating my air conditioning system, It hasn't blown cold for quite a while. Are there resources at parts houses I can use to repair this? or can I get hoses repaired and then re install myself ?

Asked by for the 1990 Ford Taurus
Being an '86', your A/C system uses the old r12 freon. Your first challenge if you want to use/repair the exsisting system will be to find anyone who still possesses any r12 freon to charge the system and check for leaks.
Once you've tried and failed, you'll need to find a shop that will do a complete retrofit of ALL the old A/C components, to use r134a freon. A new compressor, reciever/drier, orifice tube, condensor, and probably most of the plumbing as well. I can tell you this will run well over a thousand dollars to do.