1984 k5 Blazer (Rochester Quadrajet Carb) on 1990 Chevrolet Blazer

Replaced 350 motor w/350 gm goodwrench motor. Carburetor sat for 6 mos. Truck starts and idles fine, it gets to a certain rpm and falls on its face and you have to back off the gas, it also is running very rich, so bad that it burns your eyesand your clothes smell like gas/exhaust. Fuel pump press. checks out, no vacuum leaks all electrical has been checked out and is fine. Does this sound like the carb needs to be rebuilt?

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yes it does. i did hundreds of them with those systems. fairly straight forward job but you need to find an old timer like some of us who will do it for you. today, most shops replace instead of rebuild.

thanks Roy....most places dont want to rebuild they want you to purchase a new one
$425....ouch! How can i be sure that this is what really needs to be done? Where are you located? Thanks
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throw the rochester in the dumpster yes its your carb get a holly for it