150,000 mile check up on pilot on 2003 Honda Pilot

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what do you need to get checked on the 150,000 mile check up and how much should it cost
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This is a good question and if you ask 5 different shops you will get 5 different answers. Some shops will custom build there own services based upon what they believe is best for your vehicle in the area. Some shops will follow the manufacturers guidelines, and some will offer a choice of "basic" and "premium" services so the customer can choose what they want. If you wanted just enough to meet what American Honda recommends then your owners manual will tell you what's required. Otherwise it's best to call around to see what's offered and at what price. One word of advise though, I would stick with original Honda parts. Honda designed the vehicle and the parts meet their requirements. They may be more expensive, but they usually have a better warranty and as a general rule last longer.