130K on it. exhaust? manifold? on 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

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i have a 2000 olds silhouette with 130K on it. While stopped at a red light, the exhaust suddenly became very loud. i believe that it was coming from the front of the vehicle rather than the muffler in the rear. Before this, it would occassionally miss and/or small backfire if in a lower gear other than D. Any ideas on costs?
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sounds like poss head pipe came loose,ck with a muffler shop for est. this needs to be looked at for proper est due to poss broken bolts.if it just came loose maybe 60.00 if bolts are broken who knows
Something in the exhaust system cracked or broke...need to find out EXACTLY what needs to be done to give an idea of costs...
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