'11 CRV-EX clangs sometimes when I shift out of park into reverse. on 2011 Honda CR-V

The metal on metal clang doesn't happen every shift from park to reverse.

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could be a number of issues have your mech insp as thid is one of those things that needs an insp to help
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If it doesn't have over 60K on it (unless you bought extended warranty) it should still be under Hondas 5YR./60K powertrain warranty if it's driveline defect. Does it do it under any consistant CONDITIONS? For example , when parked on a hill?
It only has 7400mi. I intend to take it in to dealer for some other small issues and will make sure they get this on record sin;ce it may not do it in the dealer shop. Pretty sure I mentioned it last time but it didn't get on the invoice. It seems to do this most often when I start up in my garage which is level slab. Thanks for your response.
Just a suggestion , since I work at a Honda dealership ,to make the diagnosis and repair quicker , be able to duplicate the symptom for them , don't just drop it off! Lots of noise issues we get are duplicated under very specific conditions and who ever looks at it may not do just the right 'thing' to make the noise , or they will here something else - we all perceive noises differently. If they can't find anything defective , like you said , definitely have it documented that you are intermittently experiencing this noise. I didn't find any service bulletins that match your description , so hopefully it's just something goofy.
Thanks for your suggestion. Don't know that I can cause it to happen. The only guess I have is that it might be happening when I shift into reverse quickly after starting engine. I will see if I can cause it. Yikes, as much as I don't want to but better to find out sooner than later whether it is a problem or just normal. Thx again.
One more thing I thought might be helpful... is it more of a 'bell' type 'clang' or a solid clicking noise? LOTS of Hondas make a fairly annoying click from the brake pads when first shifting into gear or going from drive to reverse , so if that's the only thing they notice and mention to you , then at least for that symptom , I can tell you it's not BS. Hope they treat you well!
Thank you again for your good suggestions. I think I know the clicking sound you mention around the brake pedal but that is not the sound. I will try to remember to let you know what they say if they hear the clang.
thanks , good luck.
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