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2006 Honda Accord Question: 106,000 miles. Left turn signals and emergency flashers do not work.

I have a 2006 Accord EX 4 cyl with 106,000 miles. It's never been in an accident. Just noticed today that the left turn signal does not come on at all in front or back - no arrow, no light, no flash. Also, when I checked the emergency flasher, it does not come on on the left side. I changed bulb, but it made no difference. Is this a relay issue? -
Answer 1
Check fuse issue , i think u got multiple problems.. -
Answer 2
Been looking at a wiring diagram, and it's a tough call without testing. It could be the relay and it could be wiring issue. -
Answer 3
I think the flasher controls both signal and hazzard bulbs and is a likely suspect for this problem! -
Answer 4
flasher, just saying -