100,000 miles on 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Yes I have both manuals for my galant but there is nothing after 100k miles...what kind of repairs or replacements or maintenance is required at this point. I have continued all the necessary oil changes and what ever else has been recommended I basically baby my car...thank you

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Start again with the maintenance schedule. If the transmission has not been serviced recently I would service the transmission and chance the oil every 30k from now on. I would change the engine oil every 3000 miles and brake fluid every two years. I keep my cars for 200 to 300K miles.

So I am understanding you correctly you said to service and change the transmission fluid? My mother drives the car and says it sounds really good I just want to make sure she is doing the right things. I have been trying to find a manual (maint) for her car but having troubles and like I stated the ones that she has doesn't have anything in them. I don't have the manuals in front of me and we are not in the same location what did you mean by "start again with the maint schedule?" Thanks for your response