100,000 miles on 2001 Infiniti G20

My 2001 Infiniti G-20 is approaching 100,000 miles. no major repairs yet but maintenance has been getting more expensive. I heard a rumor that infinitis don't do well past 100K. thoughts? thoughts on paying for repairs vs investing in a new car? Thanks!

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It really depends on how often you have been changing your oil and other fluids. If the Timing Chain wears out, due to infrequent oil changes, then that is really costly, other wise I find that these cars can easily go for another 100k. Fuel Pumps, belts, hoses, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Oxygen Sensors are part of maintenance. What kind of car can you get for say, $2000?
I'm conscientious about maintenance and repairs. Sounds like i should be ok for a while. thanks!
Is it hard to replace a switch that has the key broke off inside