2001 Toyota Camry Q&A

2001 Toyota Camry Question: 1) With 85000miles, how often should I change oil using mobil 1 ? (In millage)

I always use Mobil 1 for the oil changing Also, check engine is on, should I change oxygen sensor or the front catalyst. -
Answer 1
you should change your oil every 4000 mi.I would have it scan tested for codes for the check engine light on -
Comment 1
Please what of if I use Mobil XHP or any other oil which is not synthetic, how often shall I change it, in maillage For the check engine after diagonising it, the code is P0420 catalyst convert system efficiency below threshow (bank 1) P0440 Evaporative Emission control system P0441 Evaporative emission control system-inncorect flow detected. -
Answer 2
agree with goodguy -