Toyota Camry Problem Report


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I'm on my 2nd set of tires which are now cupping & feathering on my 08 Camry. I purchased new tires at 17,600 because first set was cupping & feathering. At 17,600 I also purchased lifetime alignment and have kept the car tires rotated, balanced and aligned every 2-3 mos. Tires are now cupping and feathering AGAIN. Toyota checked struts and bearings and they are supposedly fine. All 4 tires wearing the same on inside. -
My 2007 Camry tires wear unevenly. Had it checked at 6 auto-shops, none of them could find the root-cause, they simply suggested me to treat the symptom, that is, to keep replacing tires and live with problem. The alignment, balancing, struts are all perfect. -
I was sold a Lemon. I took it back because the car was pulling to the left which is where my problem is. I was told that cars pull from left to right bc the streets aren't level. REALLY!!!! The anti brake system is all out of wack n they knew this before those gentelmen sold me this lemon. The car that I bought from Limbaugh Toyota Sucks!,,, and they know /knew it when they sold me this JUNK. SMdh at Limbaugh Toyota.. EXCELLENCE isn't what u really stand for or behind. EXCELLENCE is not u guys -
4 struts profusely leaking. Toyota mechanic said a little leaking was OK. Local tire dealer caught the leaking while swapping winter tires for summer tires. Car ride was also wobbly, as well as all 4 tires showing uneven wear. I had the tire dealer install new struts and do a front-end alignment for $914. -
I am on my third set of tires. Wearing on the inside edge. I have had the car in for alignment several times, always the same, It is within the specs. Then I replaced the struts because our Toyota dealer said they were the problem. Now at 74,000 I am getting ready to replace tires again. Very frustrating! -
at 12k miles my Bridgestones that were sold on the new Camry were worn straight across - inner 4/32,mid 5/32 & outter 3/32- I had to buy new tires. I bought Pirelli's have tires rotated every 5k and aligned 2 times and now at 18k miles I will need new tires in about 4 months- there is something wrong with the car! I have started my battle for getting this fixed with Toyota I started with GM of dealership and hopefully he calls back - also calling Toyota Hotline at 800-331-4331. Anyone had any luck on this matter and how to resolve - is it a factory defect? -
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