07 Corolla LE has 70,000 miles. Is transmission oil and coolant flush required? on 2007 Toyota Corolla

I am getting different answers. 70,000 miles right now and transmission oil is a little darker and coolant level is slightly above LOW. No leaks. Need to know if I should have the tranny oil flush with filter and coolant flush as well. What do you recommend? Thanks

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That info is in your owners manual. However it wont hurt to change both coolant and trans fluid, not flush. Use Toyota trans fluid.
Re: transmission fluid all I see on the dipstick is "do not change under normal driving conditions." Manual does not talk about tranny fluid; I did see coolant change info though.
Will not hurt to dain fluid/change the trans. filter and refill with Toyota fluid, do not have it flushed. Then do not worry about it again! I recommend changeing the coolant now!
Thanks so much.
You bet. Go ahead and put Toyota trans. fluid in it as it is a one shot deal and only holds about 3 to 4 Qts. for a drain and refill~!
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You do not have to use Toyota fluid. Penzoil will do a good job and cheaper.